Tell me dirty things.   Send me some goodness, hot stuff.   Facebook & Twitter & Neopets & Subeta Oh my god, wow. I bet you don't know how to do this scrolly thingy. Be jelly. Sarcasm makes the world go round. You know, there is actually research to back up that the inability to comprehend sarcasm is a mental illness. I don't have my sources right now, so google it or something. Take action in your life. When i go to subway, all i get is cheese on my sandwich. That's it. The person making my sandwich always makes fun of me, and i'm like HEY! Do your damn job. If I know you in real life, please go away. You don't belong here. Don't look me in the face. Don't mention this ever. Forget everything you have just seen. Stop reading this. Stop it. I have no hope for this generation. We're not using emoticons. Smiley faces are for the weak and physically challenged. That little kitty :3 face makes me want to projectile vomit. What's sad is that almost everyone uses it. All my friends use it and they're stupid. My friends are morons. We need everything as dry and monotone as possible. This one time I had a dream I was pregnant. It was very vivid. I had back pain in my sleep..... Stay positive hot stuff. Bloody hell, there is this little emo kid on Facebook right now complaining about getting hit on too much. Like, girls are texting him too much and he needs to be left alone right now, so he's going to post it on Facebook to get the unwanted attention he wants. Dumb, dumb child. Dumb, dumb girls cooing over dumb, dumb emo child. Can't get any more narrow minded than that. Living in Tennessee sucks. I throw grenades at these churches right next to my school. Living in the U.K. is something I am definitely going to do. That's a good plan. Just wing it. I don't have to know anyone, I mean, they will think my accent is sexy, right? Makes me feel funny. Story of my life.

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There will be triangles, chinchillas, memes, nintendo stuff, art stuff, aliens, conspiracies, sarcasm, music you have never heard of, girl butts, proper grammar, and lots of other silly things.

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